BOPP Films

BOPP films are transparent bi-oriented polypropylene films designed to offer high performance, great appearance and easy converting for flexible packaging and other applications.

Like BOPET film, BOPP is also a biaxially oriented film with good mechanical and physical properties .It is a clear, flexible, transparent or translucent material produced from PP polymer, a linear, thermoplastic polypropylene resin. The low density of BOPP (0.91 vs. 1.39 for PET) makes it sometimes a 'cheaper' alternative in packaging usage. However, the advantage of density is offset by the need to typically have a thicker film when using BOPP as compared to PET for the same application. BOPP film is available commercially in a range of widths, thicknesses and properties depending upon the needs of end users. It can be made as a single layer or can be coextruded with other co-polymers into a multilayer film encompassing the desired characteristics of each material. Key characteristics of BOPP films are:

  • Good surface gloss
  • Good hot tack & seal strength
  • Good slip & anti static
  • Good moisture barrier
  • Good surface treatment retention
  • Good machinability
  • Good mechanical properties