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Sarafil metallized polyester film offers the best solution when  package requires high gas barrier and aroma and flavor retention.

Vacuum Metallizing of PET film is a proven technology to achieve special optical properties and reduce the diffusion of gases and flavors through the film. The most commonly used metal is aluminum but other metals can also be applied.

Sarafil Polyester film is one of the best PET film with good handling properties for metallizing and can be metallized with high yield and superior properties.

Due to its high surface energy, a high metal adhesion, as well as good homogeneity of the metal layer is achieved, leading to high oxygen and general gas barrier as well as a significant improvement of the water vapor barrier.

Sarafil PET film offers a variety of adhesion promoting Polyester film types along with combinations of plasma gases to get excellent metal adhesion and good homogeneity of the metal layer is achieved, leading to high oxygen and general gas barrier as well as a significant improvement of the water vapor barrier.

Product Grade Thickness (ยต) Applications / Features
LMTCP/PC 12 ESD film
LSP101/19/24/25/30 11, 12 Suseptor Film
MMI Range 8 to 12 Metallized Films for Lidding
MMT range 8 to 12 Barrier Metallized Film for flexible packaging
MMT/HMT56/52/60 12 High Metal Adhesion Metallized Film
HMT Range 10 to 12 High Barrier Metallized Film for flexible packaging
MT5000 12 Ultra High Barrier Metallized Film
MT4000/MT6000 12 High Barrier & High Adhesion Metallized Film
HB1000 12 High Adhesion Metallized Film
MDS1042/1142 50 Matte Metallized Film
MM1010/002/040 12 Matte Metallized Film
MM/HM2000/2002 19, 23 Matt Metallized Film
MMCC/CP42 12, 23, 36 High Gloss Metallized Film
HO100 23 White Metallized Film
MHS100/140/150 12, 15 , 20, 30, 36, 50 Heat Seal Metallized Film
MPF1001/1014/1104/1403/1404/1126/1127 8 to 36 Gold Colored Metallized PET

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