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Sustainable Films

Sustainable Films - Polyplex sustainable range of films aim to reduce the carbon footprint for a greener earth.

Key characteristic of sustainable films are:

  • Source Reduction
  • Low GHG emission
  • Biodegradable
  • Bio-Based
  • Post-consumer Recycle (PCR) Content
Product Grade Common Thicknesses Segments/ Customer attributes Key Features Benefits
Bio PET/Plant PET 12 to 100 Packaging and Industrial 32% Bio Based Component from Renewable resources CO2 Reduction
Eco PET100 12, 23, 36 Label, Print   Packaging Antimony free PET film Environmental friendly
RPET Range 10 to 250 Packaging and Industrial Up to 90% Post-Consumer Recycled Content CO2 Reduction Source Reduction
RPET with  Bio component 10 to 250 Packaging and Industrial % Bio based + 70% PCR CO2 Reduction Source Reduction

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