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Inkjet Films

A range of single/both side coated polyester films/media for variety of applications. Suitable for use in inkjet positive making, label face stocks, photo books, engineering drawings, Medical Imaging, wedding albums etc.

Key Features

  • Good gloss reproduces brilliant colors and crisp details
  • Excellent print resolution and anchorage
  • Various grades with instant drying properties
  • Excellent tear resistance
  • Deep and brilliant graphic looks
  • Water - resistant grades for long term use
  • Highly suitable for thermal lamination with high lamination bond strength


  • Base film : Polyester
  • Shelf life : One year from the date of packing when stored as recommended
  • Available sizes : Popular sheet & roll sizes respectively
  • Recommended Storage : 20 - 25°C and 50% ± 5% (RH)
Product Description Thickness / Micron Application
KJW100-2G Inkjet White Opaque Films 140, 160 Photo Book, Medical
IJW100-2G Inkjet White Opaque Films 160 Photo Books, Medical
KJ100-1G Inkjet Clear Film 75, 100 Textile screen printing, Exposing
KJ100-2M Inkjet Matte Film 75, 100 Textile screen printing, Exposing

Engineering Matte Film (CAD)

Product Description Thickness / Micron Application
75KJ100 (2LM) Inkjet Matte Film 75, 100 CAD
75KJ200 (2LM) Inkjet Matte Film 75 Textile

Films can be tailor-made in other thicknesses and sizes to suit a customer’s requirements.

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