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Holographic Films

Holography film is widely used for brand protection, increases the brand value and protects against counterfeiting of the end products by making it completely holographic.

The film gives the product that perfect shine and highlights its brand looks.

  • Brand Protection
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Decorative Packaging
  • Premium Packaging

Sarafil Holographic films are available with both:

  • Seamless and
  • With Shim lines

Holographic Patterns are created by way of an embossing process which can provide a remarkable 3-D effect and/or spectral (rainbow) coloring. The embossing process is akin to cutting tiny grooves into the film’s surface at various angles and in different shapes.  These micro-embossed grooves cause the “diffraction” of normal white light into stunning spectral color.

SN Product Descriptions and features
1 MDE0SQ385 Met Holo Seamless Rainbow
2 MDE0SSR04 Met HoloSeamlessEye Ball
3 MDE0SDA74 Met HoloSeamless POL
4 MDE0SQ259 Met HoloSeamless3D Lens
5 MDE0NQ385 Met Holo Rainbow
6 MDE0NQ259 Met Holo 3D Lens
7 MDE0NDA74 Met Holo POL
8 MDE0NPCL02 Met Holo PCL
9 MDE2NDA04 Trans Holo Vortex
10 MDE2NDA20 Trans  Holo Tri Prism
11 MDE2NDA26 Met Holo Star Dust
12 MDE2NSR08 Met HoloChampange
13 MDE2NSR06 Met Holo Fire work
14 MDE2NQ259 Met Holo  3D lens
15 MDE2DA47 Tube light Met Holo
16 MDE2DA62 PET Holo,Chem Inside
17 MDE2DA71 PET Holo,Chem Inside
18 MDE2DA74 Piller of Light Holo
19 MDE2SDA74 Piller of Light Holo MET
20 MDE2SQ385 Met Holoseamles rainbow
21 MDE2SQ259 Met Holo seamless
22 MDEADA47 Met HoloDA47
23 MDEADA74 Met Holo film DA74
24 MDEASR09 Met HoloSR09
25 RMHLO Holo Met PET, Temper Grade
26 DEONSR06 Holo Fire work
27 DEONSR08 HoloChampange
28 DEONSR03 Holo React
29 DEONDA26 Holo Star Dust
30 DEONDA20 Holo, Tri Prism
31 DEONDA06 Holo Done lens
32 DEONDA04 Holo Vortex
33 MBE0DA71 Holo Embossed BOPP Film
34 MBE0SDA71 Holo Embossed BOPP Film
35 MBC1ND20 Met BOPP, Holo DA20
36 MBC1NQ00 Met BOPP, Holo QT00
37 MBC1NQ35 Met BOPP, Holo Q35
38 BC1ND62 BOPP, Trans Holo DA62
39 BC0NQ59 BOPP, Trans Holo Q259 Lens
40 MBC0NQ59 Met BOPP, Holo Q259 Lens
41 BC1ND59 BOPP, Trans Holo Q259 Lens
42 MBE0SDA71 Holo BOPP Film

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