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PV Application

Sarafil PET film has excellent insulator characteristics which enable them to use in various PV back sheet applications.

Segment Application Product Type Thickness (ยต)
PV Back sheet HZ400 (Suitable for TPT structure) 125-250
HZ300 (Hydrolysis Resistance) 125-250
HZ380 (Hydrolysis Resistance-Low MD Shrinkage) 125-250
HZ480 (Suitable for TPT structure- Low MD Shrinkage) 125-250
HZ500 (UV Hydrolysis Resistance) 125-250
HZ580 (UV Hydrolysis Resistance-- Low MD Shrinkage) 125-250
HZW700 ( UV white hydrolysis resistance) - Introducing shortly 50-125
MW100 50-250
MW180/300/380/500/580 125-250

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