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Polyplex is committed towards sustainability and aims to be a total packaging substrate solution provider for its customers while developing products with minimal environmental impact and providing the highest standards of health and safety to the workforce. As an organisation, the Company continually strives to:

  • Improve production and operational efficiencies to ensure optimal consumption of resources like electricity, water and raw materials.
  • Limiting the impact on the environment by reducing emission levels of industrial waste and effluents.
  • Improve safety and health standards by continuously improving working conditions, minimizing workplace hazards and raising awareness through involvement, participation and continuous training of the shop floor workforce.
  • Engage with stakeholders to promote sustainable business practices.

Member of BOPET Films Europe. To know more click here
Member of CELAB. To know more click here

Vita Nova

An Initiative for promoting mono PET flexible packaging for a circular economy

Polyplex, a founding member of BOPET Films Europe welcomes this great BOPET Films Europe initiative - VITA NOVA which greatly helps in addressing one of the today’s biggest sustainability challenge of the flexible packaging.
Mono PET packaging is a definite path for achieving the true circularity - thanks to commercially available mechanical and chemical recycling technologies.
With food contact approved recycled content , Mono PET packaging solutions open up new packaging solutions for food contact applications and also generate viable new end lives.
This initiative helps in big way to meet the global sustainability commitments of flexible packaging stake holders.
If you want to support VITA NOVA initiative, please contact Rosemarie Wuite:

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  • Down-gauging
  • Designing
  • Carbon Footprint
  • PVC Substitution
  • Antimony-free
  • Alu foil replace- ment
  • PCR Based films
  • 100% In-line recycling
  • Positive financival impact
  • Secondary Packaging e.g. Pallets, cores
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Innovation programmes
  • Bio-source
  • Bio-degradable

Minimize product impact through optimized product design:

  • Down-gauging 8-10μ
  • rPET with up to 90% PCR content
  • BioPET - Bio content 30%
  • Biodegradable film - meeting anaerobic biodegradation requirements
  • Plastic Free Carton - Use of Transfer Metallization for Paper & Board Lamination
  • Mono material (Low SIT heat sealable PET) structures to improve recyclability - Testing & Validation Stage

Target Product:

  • Co-create design using principles of circular economy

Polyplex has undertaken the following decisive initiatives in the realm of environmental conservation

  • Reduce energy and water consumption
  • Effective & efficient waste water treatment & water conservation
  • Increase usage of renewable energy
  • Recycle Post Industrial and Post Consumer Waste
  • Increase Sustainable Sourcing
  • Use recycled material
  • Use biomaterials

Polyplex has undertaken the following decisive initiatives in the realm of environmental conservation

  • Support development and modernization of plastic waste management infrastructure (Collection, segregation and recycling)
  • Collaborate with recyclers in Europe to recycle Multi Layer Plastics (MLPs)
  • Play catalyst and leadership role in engaging the industry in sustainability efforts - both plastic waste and climate change

Polyplex through EcoBlue offers circular solutions:

  • Recycling of difficult to recycle materials like films, coated films, laminates & fiber waste with oils.
  • 3D Pure rPET resin for bottle, film and polyester yarn applications.
  • Recycling of post-consumer & post-industrial PET and Polyolefin wastes. New state of the art facility coming soon.
  • CircuLiner Recycling Program for PET filmic liner waste. EcoBlue has global partnerships with Avery Dennison and UPM Raflatac, world’s leading label producers. For more details on this program, please see