Heat Sealable

Sarafil HS heat sealable products are coextruded polyester films with one side heat sealable surface. Heat sealable surface is designed to seal to itself, thermoformed APET, CPET, Unsaturated polyesters and paper. They don't seal against polyolefins and PS. HS seals are not peelable. The films exhibit excellent strength and dimensional stability at high temperatures. These films are used in a wide range of applications for packaging and industrial uses.

Product Grade Thickness (ยต) Applications / Features
HS104 12, 15, 20, 30, 36, 50 Print & Lamination/ Transparent Heat Sealable
HSA101 12 Print & Lamination/ Transparent Heat Sealable with Antifog
HS100 20 FRP/ GRP
HS200 20 FRP/ GRP/ Heat Sealable surface inside, UV treated outside
TWH100 30 White Heat Sealable PET Film