About Us

Polyplex is committed to continually improve its environmental performance in order to have a positive impact on society, the economy and a sustainable future. In order to make its operations sustainable, the Company ensures optimum utilization of energy and other resources, waste management through recovery, recycle and re-use of material, reduction in emissions and effluents, enhancement of awareness amongst the employees through effective communication and training.

As a step towards sustainable global economy, the Company has undertaken following major environment related improvement initiatives:

  • Successful development of Green Pet film with a significant proportion of bio sustainable inputs and/or usage of recyclate.
  • Operationalized latest technologies to save power across plant locations which resulted in substantial improvements in terms of energy efficiency.
  • Switch over from Furnace Oil to Husk for oil heating system in India which leads to reduction in green house gases.
  • Dedicated recycling unit in Thailand which provided sustainable solution for plain and coated film waste.
  • Replaced PVC twist wrap in confectionary industry with green wrap PET film.
  • Replaced aluminium foil with metallized barrier PET film in food packing along with cost reduction.
  • Reduced waste generation through the re-use of process trims.
  • Switched to LED lighting across plants

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