Polyplex Innovation Center has adopted the "Lean Innovation Model "which focuses mainly on creation of profitable value to the customers. It aims to provide more than simply a new product or a substrate. It works on the concept of co -creation in various innovation programmes with our extended partners which include customers, brand owners, packaging designers, suppliers and adhesive manufacturers. Polyplex Innovation Center has extended collaborative programmes with external research institutions in the field of nano, barrier and bio degradable product technologies.

Polyplex has adopted a defined and formalized customer engagement process to align with the customers' needs. The customer engagement process is categorized into the following levels:


  • First level of customer engagement
  • Technical Seminars & 1 on 1 interaction
  • Flexible packaging market trends, developments, innovations

WIN - WIN (W2)

  • Second level of customer engagement
  • Cost – Out and efficiency / effectiveness initiatives
  • Specific project / programme based


  • Highest level of customer engagement
  • Medium term project based engagement
  • Joint product / technology development



  • Partners: Polyplex and a Converter
  • Customer Requirement: To develop larger size 'Bag in Box' packing
  • Objective: To provide suitable film with better adhesion, meeting the barrier and compatibility requirements
  • Process: Joint project team of the partners studied the requirement and developed suitable coated film
  • Final Result: Bigger packing launched within 6 months of startup


  • Partners: Polyplex, Converter and Brand owner
  • Customer Requirement: Brand owner wanted to produce cost effective and sustainable laminate with better productivity without dilution in the shelf life of the product
  • Process: Three way joint project team studied and developed suitable laminate film to meet the requirement
  • Final Result: Successfully launched soup powder in the new configuration of laminate structure

Polyplex, a global leader in Polyester films manufacturing has joined hands with HP Indigo in their new venture “Pack Ready” program as provider of Polyester Film based substrates driving this revolutionary labels and packaging ecosystem for high-performance applications offering zero-cure time - enabling immediate time to market.

HP Indigo Pack Ready is a set of post-print converting solutions for HP Indigo digital presses that provides zero-cure-time lamination while instantly creating a strong bond between HP Indigo digitally printed substrate and Pack Ready laminate film, enabling digital converters to print, laminate and pack on demand for immediate time-to-market

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