The Saralam range of extrusion coated film products cater to a variety of end use such as thermal lamination products like book covers, identity cards, etc besides carton lamination, wide format commercial films, etc

Saralam films are extrusion coated with adhesive resins like LDPE or EVA to make lamination films which cater to applications like Thermal Lamination of documents or printed media, Reflective Insulation, Flexible packaging intermediates and Rigid packing using printed corrugated carton board. Polyplex can offer a range of BOPP, BOPET and Nylon based extrusion coated films.

BOPET thermal lamination films are used to get some properties which are typical in polyester like high gloss and high stiffness. A wide variety of PET thermal lamination films is available in a range of thickness from 25mic to 250mic. Other key features of PET thermal lamination films include High bond strength, UV coating on surface and high tensile strength. Applications of these films are increasing each day. Some main applications are Costly brochures, Catalogues, Menu cards, Mark sheets, Maps, Publicity material, etc.

Metallized BOPET lamination films cater to two very important industries - Reflective Insulation in construction industry, also termed as "Roof Insulation" and "Carton Lamination", in the Offset Printing industry. Metallized lamination films are gaining strong grounds in the following applications:

- In UV OFFSET PRINTING: For its advantages to offer a higher press productivity, a superior adhesion to paper/ board lamination, as a process saving tool & most important to print houses, as a "TIME" saving tool

- In ROOF INSULATION: As an economical lamination substitute and a highly user friendly material, to very high cost Aluminum foils.

BOPP films have a wide range of aesthetics and hence it is easily possible to have various looks of laminating films. Main features of BOPP thermal lamination films are higher yield (m2 per kgs) in the same cost with comparison to some other films like BOPET films, reasonable strength for lamination purpose, excellent gloss, high transparency, good moisture barrier and good chemical resistance. Typical applications of BOPP thermal lamination films include Textbook covers, Brochures, Leaflets, Sweet boxes, Cosmetics, Shopping bags, Diaries.