General Industrial Application

Sarafil PET film is suitable for industrial applications such as labels, releasing, adhesive tapes, laminates etc. due to high dimensional stability and durability with excellent optical properties.

SegmentApplicationProduct TypeThickness (ยต)
Industrial Labels CF102, CF122, CFL100, TF102, TF122, TF100 23-100
Releasing-silicone coating TF300, TF310, TF111, TF108, S56SY, HZ100, HZ101 23-125
Adhesive Tapes TF100, TF101, TF122, TF102, TF108 23-30
Laminations CFL100, CF102, TF100, TF102, TF122 23-125
Heating Films MW103, HZ200, HZ203 125-188