Release Liner-Speciality

Key Features

  • Release liner with customized filmic property like Transparency, Ultra Clear/ Low Haze , Medium Haze , Matte Finish, Metallized PET are available.
  • Wide varieties of Release levels are available to suit all types of adhesives and delaminating methods.
  • Both C1S (one-side silicone coating) & C2S (two-side silicone coating) Release liners are available. C2S liners with variety of differential release available.
Product GradeStandard ThicknessSegments/ Customer Attributes
23/30/36/50PA1N-K01/K02/K03/K05 23,30,36,50 1.0, 1.25, 1.5,2.0 Easy-low Release for PSA Tape Application.
12/23PS1P-A02 12,23 0.5,1.0 Easy Release liner with customized Print available in 0.75”/1”/1.25”/1.5”/2”/3” reel form.
212/23MS1N-A02 12/23MS1N-K03 12,23 0.5,1.0 Easy Release Metalized PET liner available in 0.75”/1”/1.25”/1.5”/2”/3” reel form, suitable for Antistatic liner application.
23/36CL1N 23,36 1.0,1.5 Window Film Liner, Electronic , MLCC Application