Growth Story


Since inception in 1984, we have grown from a small single-line facility at Khatima in the foothills of the Himalayas in India, into half a billion dollar multinational presence with manufacturing and distribution facilities in India, South-East Asia, Europe, the Americas and China.

The Polyplex model of expansion moves us closer to our regional markets to deliver more efficiently and cost-effectively to our customers. Our fully integrated green-field film lines with upstream resin plants and downstream metallizers and other offline coating capabilities ensure cost-competitiveness, minimized environmental impact besides bringing the advantages of a single-point supply for a portfolio of film products to our customers.

Polyester (PET) Film

Having begun with a single PET thin film line of 4,000 tons per annum in India, Polyplex emerged as one of the largest global producers of thin PET film in the decade after the turn of the millennium.

By 1996, Polyplex was producing 20,000 tons per annum in India and had backward integrated with capabilities to produce PET resin to feed captive requirements. In 2009, to meet the growing domestic demand for PET film, Polyplex added a state-of-the-art 8.70 meter wide thin PET film line, a PET resin plant and a metallizer at its new manufacturing facility in Bazpur, near Khatima. The present capacity of the two Indian operations is 55,000 tons per annum of base PET film including capability to produce intermediate thickness upto 150 micron.

In 2003, with the strategic objective of adding capacity closer to one of its main regional markets in South-East Asia, Polyplex set up a new plant with a capacity of 21,000 tons per annum at Rayong, Thailand through its subsidiary Polyplex (Thailand) Plc (PTL). In the same year, PTL added a second thin PET film line with a similar capacity and followed it up in 2004/2005 with the commissioning of a batch-process resin plant and a continuous-process resin plant, thereby making it completely self-sufficient in PET resin. In 2013, PTL has set up a Thick PET film line and batch resin plant in Rayong, Thailand adjacent to its existing facility with an annual capacity of 28,800 MT for the film plant and 28,000 MT for the resin plant.

In 2005, Polyplex extended its manufacturing footprint into Turkey, moving closer to the European and Mediterranean markets and firmly establishing Polyplex as a global company. Through its subsidiary Polyplex Europa (PE), a facility was set up in the European Free Zone at Çorlu, Turkey.

PE began with a thin PET film line with a capacity of 29,000 tons per annum and in 2006, a continuous process PET resin plant was added for meeting its captive requirements. Two co-generation power plants of 4 megawatts each were installed to provide greater power security for the facility. In 2008, a second thin PET film line with a capacity of 29,000 tons per annum was commissioned, taking the total capacity to 58,000 tons per annum of base thin PET film.

USA accounts for about 10% of the world's consumption of thin PET film and has, since the 90's, been a significant market for Polyplex. In 1996, Polyplex moved closer to its North American customers through Spectrum Marketing, Inc., a joint venture based in Fort Worth, Texas, for warehousing and distributing Polyplex products. This entity was acquired in 2006 and renamed as Polyplex (Americas), Inc. In view of the growing American market demand and the absence of new PET film capacity, Polyplex decided to invest in USA in 2011.Polyplex USA LLC was incorporated and a green-field facility comprising a thin PET film line was started in April 2013 in Decatur, Alabama followed by the PET Resin plant in July 2014. In July 2012, Polyplex has acquired some metallizing assets located at Austell, Georgia and have relocated most of these assets to Decatur, Alabama while some been shifted to other group locations. With effect from January 31st, 2013, Polyplex (Americas) Inc. has been merged with Polyplex USA LLC, Alabama.

In September 2013, PE incorporated a 100% owned distribution subsidiary in Turkey by the name of POLYPLEX PAKETLEME ÇÖZÜMLERİ SANAYİ VE TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ to facilitate better market reach in local Turkish market.

In 2009, addressing the strategic need to establish a long-term presence in the fast growing Chinese market, Polyplex incorporated Polyplex Trading (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. as a distribution entity in China.

In October 2017, a new Company has been incorporated in Indonesia by the name of "PT Polyplex Films Indonesia" as a wholly owned subsidiary of Polyplex (Thailand) Public Company Limited. This manufacturing location will cater mainly the domestic market in Indonesia and also the regional / other export markets.


In the backdrop of rapid demand growth rates in India and the need for a single-point supplier of a wider range of packaging films, in 2010, Polyplex diversified its product portfolio to include a range of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film products by commissioning a line with a capacity of 35,000 metric tons per annum at the Bazpur facility. The same year, a Cast Polypropylene (CPP) film line with a capacity of 10,000 tons per annum was added at the Rayong facility in Thailand. The first Blown PP film line commenced production in Oct' 2013 with a capacity of 4,656 tonnes per annum at Rayong, Thailand. The second Blown PP line with an annual acapacity of 4,200 MT has been commissioned in Thailand in 2018.


Innovating to simplify product sourcing, improve services and reduce costs for our customers, Polyplex has continuously added downstream facilities to offer an expanded product portfolio that includes Metallized films, Holography, Siliconised Polyester Release Liners, Extrusion Coated films and Chemically Coated films.

In 2002, Polyplex restructured the polyester industry value-chain and set a global benchmark for efficiency by commissioning an in-house metallizer at Khatima with a capacity of 4,800 tons per annum. This was followed by adding 4 metallizers at Rayong, 3 at Corlu, 3 at Bazpur and some metallizing assets in USA through acquisition, part of which was later shifted to group entities. In order to augment the capacity as well as portfolio of Metallized films, the Company is in the process of adding a new replacement metallizer in USA . With these installations, the total capacity of metallized film will stand at 83,400 tons per annum.

To deliver similar benefits to the Pressure Sensitive Adhesive industry, a state-of-the-art silicone coating line with an annual capacity of 160 million sq. meters for the production of sophisticated Siliconised Polyester Release Liners was commissioned at Khatima in 2007. To meet the growing global demand, a second silicone coating line with a capacity of 500 million sq. meters was commissioned at Rayong in 2011. Another line is currently under order for Rayong.

In April 2008, an Extrusion Coating line with an annual capacity of 150 million sq. meters for the production of Thermal Lamination film was commissioned at Rayong, Thailand. A second Extrusion Coating Line with an annual capacity of 215 million sq. meter has also been commissioned at Rayong, Thailand in June 2013.

With the objective of enhancing its Product Portfolio, Company commissioned an offline coating line in Turkey in Q4 FY 2013-14 with another line in India started in Q2 FY 2014-15.

In FY 2018-19, the Company will commission a new offline coater in Bazpur with the annual capacity of 1800 MT.

In April 2013, Polyplex expanded its market presence in the EU by setting up a wholly owned distribution company in Netherlands named Polyplex Europe B.V. The distribution entity is fully owned by Polyplex (Thailand) Public Company Limited (PTL). This new entity is strategically formed to address the needs of our customers for value added products.

Recycling of Industrial Waste

Polyplex has set up a recycling unit in Thailand with a capacity of 3000 MT per annum in order to provide sustainable solution for film based process waste. This facility is being expanded which should commence within 2018.