Saraprint is an innovative non tearable polyester film designed especially for digital print media segment for photo album, commercial printing, promotional & customized digital printing, label and flexible packaging applications.  It exhibits excellent thermal and dimensional stability for high speed printing machines.

Saraprint is available in transparent, white matte and white glossy and in different microns from 12 to 190.  It can be one side or both side coated and is available in both sheet as well as roll forms.

Saraprint is suitable for all dry toner base and liquid inks for digital printing machines.  Saraprint is approved by HP Indigo.  This film is suitable for various applications such as photo albums, durable displays, certificates, aadhar cards, product catalogues, company broachers, signage, posters, graphic industries , visiting cards, menu cards, bill, flexible packaging and self adhesive labels application.   

  • Excellent digital ink adhesion (wet & dry) for sharp and high definition images.
  • Shade consistency, controlled static for dust free and trouble free printing.
  • High opacity suitable for both side printing, pure white looks for quality wedding photographs.
  • Excellent gloss, print sharpness, deep and brilliant graphic looks.
  • Superior water and weather resistance.
  • Highly suitable for thermal lamination with high lamination bond strength.
  • Suitable for all leading brands of Digital Printing presses.
  • Manufacturing based on advance surface adhesion technology
Product Grade Product Type Product Description Common Thicknesses (µ) Application / Features
DP100-2G Transparent PET 2 side printable 120, 175, 190 Photo albums, labels, certificates, Aadhar cards, product catalogues, company broucher, signage, posters, visiting cards, menu cards, bill, and graphic industries
DPW100-2G White Glossy PET 2 side printable 120, 175, 190
DPW100-2M White Matte PET 2 side printable 120, 175, 190
DP100-1G Transparent PET 1 side printable 12, 36, 50, 75 Label , Print & Lamination
DPW100-1G White Glossy PET 1 side printable 12, 36, 50, 75 Label , Print & Lamination